REVELATION OF ‘ELOHIM / The Revelative Consummation Establishing the Messiahship

REVELATION OF ‘ELOHIM, copyright Messiah / H’al_mahshiyach 1977, 1996. LIBRARY OF CONGRESS CATALOGUE CARD NUMBER: 77-80399. INTERNATIONAL STANDARD BOOK NUMBER: ISBN 0-930246-01-2.All rights reserved.

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The full unveiling of the Jewish apocalyptic document, REVELATION, also known as the Apocalypse, regarding visions given to the Jewish Rav, Ywochahnahn (John), on the island of Patmos, circa 115 C. E., by ‘ELOHIM*’AH_VAH, the TRUE GOD of Yis_ra’EL.

John, Ywochahnahn, also known as Chanan’EL, was an apostle, a disciple of the Jerusalem synagogue. He was one of the closest to Yaishwu’a, Jesus.

The apocalypse, revelation on Patmos was a profound and extremely deep revelation given to John to bring understanding to him in lieu of the crises that befell the Jerusalem synagogue founded by Yaishwu’a.

The Jerusalem synagogue perished in 70 C. E.

The revelation was transcribed by Prokhuros his faithful scribe. The term “apocalypse” means the unveiling, the bringing to light certain very important understandings regarding the state of the spiritual world and the war between the powers of Light and darkness as expressed in that time period, between GOD / ‘ELOHIM and the dark Legion of Satan the fallen Archangel, V_’aish yahv’EL.

That apocalypse revealed to John within its contents the diabolical parallel between the man he knew and loved (the man he watched slowly go insane under the terrible pressures of the time) and the sickening deification of Jesus by Paul, Saul of Tarsus, the blasphemy committed by Paul and the paganization of Jesus’ teachings by this terrible, cruel and murderous infidel of Rome from Tarsis, no longer Jew, but a zealotous heretic set against not only his own faith, but also an opportunist set on the acquisition of power over the Roman intrusion on his people and his enemies.

If Rome could destroy Jerusalem, then Paul with his seed of hell could bring down Rome, and with it the betrayers of what was once his own faith.

(The Temple was destroyed by zealots.)

In ways more terrible than the cross itself, Paul crucified Jesus. He locked this once great rabbi and beloved Galilean in perpetual deification (blasphemy to Jews) and the cruel symbolism and vicious cycle of never-ending suffering, crucifixion, perpetual bloodshed, human sacrifice, murder and the ghoulish eating of his flesh and blood during the Eucharistic sacrifice and meal.

The Eucharistic sacrifice and meal, the mass, would never have been instituted by any devout Orthodox Jew of that time, or any time thereafter, unless that one, that rabbi advocating it, was utterly mad and devoid of his senses.

This human sacrifice of Jesus is one of the great blasphemies committed against humanity and the TRUE GOD, ‘ELOHIM.

That YHWH, Yahweh, the false god, called for the sacrifice of His “son”, reveals the true nature of Adonai as Satan, not GOD.

The Revelation of John, when understood, clearly reveals this.

One of the key points offered in the apocalypse is that Jesus’ connection to the parallel was hidden in the numeric key of 666.

Yashu Ntz_riy, without the ‘ayin in Yashu, in its more familiar form as it would have been used by close associates, intimates and friends, not uncommon in the First Century C. E., totals with Ntz_riy, 666.

316 in Yashu. 350 in Ntz_riy. 666 in all.

There is nothing mystical here, just a clear signpost regarding whom the revelation is comparing: the human, fallible, vulnerable Jesus versus the deified beast that Paul, the false prophet, invented and set in place in opposition to the Jerusalem following of Jesus.

Contrary to what our detractors might believe, the Revelation of John is a purely Jewish document common to its time, not a Christian one. It was reluctantly taken into the Christian canon and was almost lost.

Only the guiding “hand” of ‘ELOHIM saved it.

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