“Who will answer the call, participate in the challenge that is true Global Leadership?

Membership Requirements

1) To be in complete agreement with the Articles, Bylaws, and Principles of the Organization Messiah (see About Messiah).

2) To have read and be in complete agreement with the REVELATION OF ‘ELOHIM.

3) To be in complete agreement with the Goals of Organization Messiah as displayed encapsulated on the Home page of Organization Messiah’s Web Site, and presented, again, in depth within Messianic Architectonics / Global Planning and Design.

4) To contribute to the growth of the Organization Messiah to the best of one’s abilities and resources, and to offer valid and/or educated suggestions and critiques of the methods used to generate interest towards the overall advancement of the Organization Messiah.

5) To always respect any request of member or leadership privacy and/or anonymity. The focus of Messiah and its members should always be on the established Goals and Standards as expressed within areas of the above, and never on any one particular individual. Any attempt at establishing a cult of personality within Organization Messiah is strictly prohibited, resulting in expulsion.

6) To be willing to be quizzed on any of the above requirements, its teachings and expectations, at any time and prior to the confirmation of one’s membership. Leadership must likewise adhere to this Organizational challenge by its members. This practice is never employed to create an atmosphere of fear, but one of assistance, learning and refreshment.

7) To maintain an ongoing level of cognitive ability and graduative expression, regardless of where one begins, or is currently at in terms of their educational background and/or level of knowledge and understanding, and to always maintain a desire to learn that is so strongly felt and aspired to that it translates itself or outlets into inevitable teaching of the Goals and Standards of Organization Messiah.

8) Love!

The future begins with our dreams and aspirations. The future is only realized when we move to initiate and accomplish what many call the impossible. We give to our children what we give to ourselves. The seed of creative possibility is the womb of eternity, and an infinite source of endless unfoldment and learning. At the heart of every existence is SPIRIT, and the love of ‘ELOHIM*’AH_VAH. We commit ourselves forever to this call.