Founding Tenets

We, the Messiah, of the human family, in order to form a more harmonious and marital relationship with the universe, most notably the relationship with of that of our immediate home, the earth, do hereby renounce the dictums of unyielding, despotic, and/or absolute systems and governments, and/or the stagnation of potential and ideals, in order to pursue the deep inner desires, goals, and intent of the ONE TRUE creative and non-destructive GOD, ‘ELOHIM*’AH_VAH , the TRUE GOD of Yis_ra’EL, and of all universes created and yet to be created.

We do hereby establish a perpetual inquisitive pursuit and search for ever-expanding horizons of and within knowledge and understanding, and its numerous applications, and in so doing, guarantee the ever-expanding horizon of human development and improvement.

We do recognize the intelligence within all living things and the potential of higher intelligence outside of and beyond humankind, whatever its form, and/or perceptual thinking, and do hereby acknowledge and support the potential and possibility of such.

We recognize, acknowledge, and support the creative purpose of existence from conception through transformation, and renounce contrary and/or destructive systems as being false views of life and attainment.

We realize the future of the earth depends on human responsibility of the highest order, and therefore dedicate ourselves to it, and the infinite pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and high understanding.

ARTICLE 1: Organization of Messiah

H’al_mahshiyach / Messiah is not a religious institution or a religious organization. It is not a religion but a teaching of high spiritual dedication and global responsibility founded solely on LOVE.

LOVE is the highest standard by which everything is to be measured, determined, built, and understood.

We reject religion and religious ceremonies because the term “religion” often entails or implies offertory sacrifices of some kind as an appeasement, or as an excuse, for “wrongs” committed whether real or imagined. We dedicate ourselves to corrective measures when the need arises guided by the highest applicable standard in the quest that their occurrence should only be once.

Life is a learning place, a realm of endless infinities (and yes, occasional scrapes on the knees).When and only when we begin to learn can we begin to live. And only in living can we begin to learn. Learning to live, learning to love, all a part of learning to love living, and living to love life from the center of one’s being completely. These are not always easy to journey upon, but it is important and necessary that we undertake the journey as soon as possible.

Messiah celebrates spiritual LOVE on the highest levels, and, simply by loving, translates this creative expression into every living thing, every being, into every occurence that in itself is an expression of life and nurture. This spiritual teaching is unique from any other organization on earth in that their is no “price” to accomplish Love outside of Love. And, because of this, Messiah stands alone, as it must.

We believe in giving thanks to the CREATOR for the blessings of LIFE, for the blessings of being here. This “thanks” is accomplished by and most certainly through Love.

The ETERNAL lives in each of us, in everything. Therefore, we feel we have a responsibility to the CREATOR to emulate and emanate the deep inner desires, goals, and intent of LOVE, ‘ELOHIM*’AH_VAH , MOTHER*FATHER OF CREATION.

Messiah was brought forth by ‘ELOHIM*’AH_VAH to reunite the human family with LOVE, and to bring sanity to the earth. If human kind does not respond to the call of Messiah, the call of spiritual LOVE during this time, peace will not come to humankind, or to the earth, until the human species becomes extinct, and purely by its own hand. The choice is given.

ARTICLE 2: Messiah / H’al_mahshiyach

The title “Messiah” (H’al_mahshiyach )belongs solely to Messiah by the mandate, directive, and calling of ‘ELOHIM, and can be carried by no other.

The title “Messiah” (H’al_mahshiyach) was given to the appointed Messiah on the third month of Thanksgiving in the Year One of the Messianic Calendar (22 November 1976), by ‘ELOHIM.

This is the one true Messiahship on earth. There will be no other.

It is recommended, encouraged, strongly advised in the strictest terms, that anyone outside of this organization using the term “Messiah” please to abandon the usage immediately. This is a specific title to be used but once, and it has been given. All others constitute serious plagiarism, and endanger themselves in violation of spiritual law and expectation. The consequences can be potentially severe and/or humiliating.

As we have said, this is the first and only inception of the Messiah on earth, in all of its history, as given by ‘ELOHIM . If humanity fails to heed this call, there will be no other. Peace will come on earth with or without humankind. It is not a prerequisite for humans to exist for there to be peace. Therefore, we have a deep, abiding responsibility toward the earth and to the CREATOR to act and respond according to the letter and spirit of the law, the mandate and standard of LOVE .

LOVE is the highest standard by which everything is to be measured, determined, built, and understood.

Messiah mandates that full responsibility, without hesitation, must be undertaken and implemented immediately if the human species is to survive. No amount of prayers will bail you out of the mess you have created as human beings. It is time to clean your house, to put in order that which was made to sustain itself. You must be responsible, respectful, and loving toward one another and toward the earth. The earth, the universe, and all universes, are gifts of the ETERNAL GOD, ‘ELOHIM*’AH_VAH. ‘ELOHIM , through Messiah, is here to help.



‘ELOHIM is the ONE TRUE GOD, MOTHER*FATHER OF CREATION, ETERNAL CHILD/APPARENT, the NO*THING , the DIVINE IT, called, in the proper frame of understanding and spirit, as “THOU”, virtually beyond all human grasp and understanding, the ONE ETERNAL TRUTH, the CREATIVE THOUGHT underlying everything, the ETERNAL MIND of universes and beyond, WHO / THAT which brings forth all things living, WHO belongs to ETERNITY and brings forth all LIFE in every thing.



‘ELOHIM is creative and non-destructive. There is no destruction in ‘ELOHIM , or destructiveness of any kind. ‘ELOHIM is a creative, learning GOD .

‘ELOHIM is non-dualistic. There is no evil in ‘ELOHIM , therefore, no evil ever issues forth from the MIND or the MOUTH of the MOST HIGH. (Understand, there is no evil, only occasional misunderstanding, misinterpretation and misrepresentation of human origins, beginnings, and that which surrounds spiritual definition and destiny. These missteps and their consequenses, oftentimes baffling and confusing, should be seen for what they are, human error, and should be corrected and filed away as simply being periodic growing pains occurring within a perpetually learning species in a vast and perpetually learning universe. Yes, murders have been committed on many levels of spirit, mind, and body, and must be stopped! But evil, as a generalizer to hide the issue behind and evade the tough questions that confront us all, does not exist as a reality).

‘ELOHIM was, at one time, prior to the formation of Yis_ra’EL, the MOST HIGH GOD of Canaan / Kh_na’an . The supremacy of ‘ELOHIM was cherished and maintained by the people of the Levant and later with Abraham , the ancient “patriarch” of the ‘Ivriy / Hebrews, cherished and maintained by the standard employed within the term or embodiment surrounding the now mythical Melchizedek , which, seemingly appearing to take on a seperate life of its own ascending to these mythical purportions, was even legendary in the time of Abraham. This legendary tradition of Melchizedek is very ancient, its original meaning virtually lost until this time. As for “Abraham”, the name, in its variations, was a relatively common name in the ancient period in question, common especially among the clans of the ancient caravan routes of the Levant and Mesopotamia. Melchizedek, Mal_khiy-tzehthehq , mentioned in Genesis 14, was a titular designation meaning roughly “my righteous, or my just king”, etc., referring to someone, a priest-king, perhaps, or an individual whose name has been lost to time and history, for whatever reasons might be in order. Another understanding, according to THWORAH ‘ELOHIM (which you will come to learn), equally valid, is that of the term, mal_’akkh, an “angel”, messenger, herald, prophet, or priest of honorable and correct righteousness under spiritual justification and the proper reflection before the ETERNAL, ‘ELOHIM , both feasible and nurturing interrelation. Mal_’ahkh, the foundation stone of the name or term, Mal_khiy-tzehthehq , rises from the following root verbal terms: mahlai’ to be full, to become full; to overflow, to be filled, to be complete; to make full, to fill; to be filled, to become full, to be satisfied, to be completed; to make full, to fill in or up [as in a set or domain, of categories or regions or bases]; to be filled in [as if to complete or evolve], to be set [of gems]; to make one another full, to assist each other [to love one another]; mahlai’, filling up; full, filled, abundant; strong, pregnant; substantive fulness, abundance, adverb fully; m_lo’ fulness, what fills up; multitude; m_lai’ah, fulness, abundance; tithes of grain and wine; millu’ah, a filling in, setting [of gems, as in the Aaronic breastplate of the twelve regions; and finally millu’iym, installation [of priest], consecration; setting [of stones]. Certainty will remain elusive without the employment of THWORAH ‘ELOHIM , as given to the world through H’al_mahshiyach . Aside from the importance of the concept, of who Mal_khiy-tzehthehq was, all that will be known without the METHOD of THWORAH ‘ELOHIM is that it signified the highest calling one could aspire to in becoming the high priest or standard-bearer of the MOST HIGH GOD , ‘EL , who, fully capable and proficient, could then serve to unlock the secrets and ancient verities that were carried in this language and culture. Through such a person, or through the standard contained within this title, Mal_khiy-tzehthehq, the sacred was introduced and preserved.

Later, such preservation (or absence thereof)would prove to be indicative of the erosion occurring in the beliefs and cultural standards of Abraham’s time, and his immediate progeny.

Before Abraham’s time, it was impressed upon the young from this voice of Mal_khiy-tzehthehq , whose fleeting importance is apparent in Genesis, in the ancient account of Torah [The account is actually a last minute insertion into the Torah by a small but persistent survivorship of later northern tradition ‘Eloists who survived the Assyrian crushing of the Northern Kingdom in 722 BCE], that ‘ELOHIM was the GOD of blessing, and the earth a blessing of ‘ELOHIM , the TRUE GOD of all. The tithes and offerings brought to ‘EL were nothing more than thanksgiving offerings given out of gratitude.

Still, these accounts from Torah are only faded remnants attempting to capture the relational values established between the peoples of Kh_na’an and ‘ELOHIM . Most accounts concerning ‘ELOHIM, accounts compiled 1,000 years after, are badly distorted by Yahwistic redaction, notably the Abraham / Isaac account of blood sacrifice wrongly attributed to as if directed by ‘ELOHIM.

‘ELOHIM does not and will not accept blood sacrifice. Such appeasement, petition, and sacrifice is blasphemy.

Far into the past, deep into antiquity, all that was ever brought before this ancient GOD of Kh_na’an / Canaan, when agriculture was still young, and a miracle before the people, long before blood sacrifice began, long before the pain of seasons set in, grain and fruit offerings were brought to this GREAT ONE in gratitude for the fruits of the harvest and the earth, never in blood, never in the shedding of blood to appease imagined “sins” or wrongs. That was a desert fear, easily overcome by the truth.

‘ELOHIM , in the beginning, was, to the most ancient of Canaanites, a GOD of Thanksgiving, a GOD to WHOM gratitude was given in celebration of LIFE as a sacred and wonderful gift. Pesach, the original spring festival was given in honor of the fruitfulness and rebirth of the earth, its fertility and promise.

‘EL was the invisible Creator WHO quietly sat on His high mountain overlooking the work He had fashioned like an old and revered patriarch. He was remote, and He was wise. There was a gentleness to the feeling about Him as old as time. He was the most ancient of the gods, and the most revered. To the Canaanites, He was the MOST HIGH GOD of all, remote, but personal, and deeply loved.

Only later did that change when a fusion with his “sons” or “children” began.

Despite the tendency of three thousand years to believe otherwise, YHWH and ‘ELOHIM are not and were not the same.

‘ELOHIM was and continues to be the supreme MOST HIGH GOD of Yis_ra’EL and Canaan / Kh_na’an , and of humankind.

YHWH is nothing more than an inferior or lesser ba’al of the southern Kenite-Midianite Shahssu_YHWH bedhouins of the ‘Ariv / Arabia: YHW , ‘ahiyi_hwah, very distinct from the region and thinking of the people residing in Kh_na’an / Canaan.

Here, too, know the distinction between Kenite / Cain and Kh_na’an / Canaan. Cain, not the agriculturalist the Genesis account depicts him as, carries the blood mark of YHWH , and is of the tribal alignment and grouping of the bedhouins of southern Arabia and Moab. Canaan is the guardian of integrity, and the keeper of the gate of ‘ELOHIM, ‘AHLEHP , the archetypal civilized, living in cities.

Biblical redaction and tampering have twisted, mixed up, and confused the actual representations in the early accounts of Genesis.

When ‘Av_rahm/Abram, later to become Abraham, came to this legendary teaching upheld of the”high priest” / Hal_Khahhan H’al_Ghahthwol of the MOST HIGH GOD , ‘EL , he came out of rejection of the lesser thva’aliym, ba’als, of which the lord, or YHWH was one (YHWH , depending on the region, having been worshipped as a wild boar, hence the prohibition against eating pork, against eating him; or as serpent-lightning, the lightning of the desert; or the feared and deadly asp, whose strike could bring a man, woman, child, or livestock down in seconds in a painful and sudden death, and to which the bronze serpent of Moses was fashioned so carefully as a terrifying representation and reminder of its awesome and deadly power, to remain in the Temple until the cleansing that took place under the reign of Chiz_qiyahwu, Hezekiah, who removed the embarrassment of it forever; and finally, the golden calf, the most common representation of Ba’al, and the other thva’aliym of the ancient pantheon of sub-gods, the “sons” of GOD as they were called, thereby revealing, by direct connection and attribution, YHWH’s true identity as Ba’al, the son of the MOST HIGH GOD, introduced to the ‘Ivriy by Moses, the heretic, in the desert against ‘ELOHIM, and against the primary wishes of the children of Yis_ra’EL, some of whom he had murdered, burned, or buried alive in the Wilderness.).

(Before the fall of the metaphor representation, the calf symbolized deeper things. But soon over time this deeper meaning was lost. This deeper meaning has been revealed in REVELATION OF ‘ELOHIM given to Messiah. There is much that is fallen in the understanding, knowledge, and tradition of Judaism. This will be corrected.)

Through Moses, YHWH replaced ‘ELOHIM in the minds of the people.

The terrible cost of this heresy has been written in human blood. How many millions more of a people, of all people, and of innocent blood, shall be slaughtered and perish under the cruel and brutal power given this false god?

YHWH was nothing more than one of the “sons” of the MOST HIGH GOD, ‘ELOHIM , in the ancient pantheon of gods common to the time, a member of the assembly or ‘assupuwoth, har_mwo’aith, of which the term “armageddon” is derivative (and so terribly misunderstood); the Mount of the Assembly of the gods, har_mwo’aith, armageddon.

It is the role of Messiah to plead accuracy over tradition, and to correct all errors where they occur, whether pleasant or not, to bring light and truth to misunderstandings, and to lend undying uncringing support to the truth, no matter how painful or unsettling it might prove to be against often stubborn and arrogant and staid tradition. It is necessary that this be done, so that we can move forward, for Messiah (H’al_mahshiyach )is under the directive, mandate, and guidance of ‘ELOHIM*’AH_VAH , the ONE TRUE GOD of Yis_ra’EL. The very heart of the future is being written in this time.

And so it came to pass that Abraham rejected the prevalence of human sacrifice in his time, and was drawn to Mal_khiy-tzehthehq , the standard-bearer, out of this rejection.

Having nearly sacrificed his son more than once, he turned away from the prevailing cults of his time disillusioned. He could no longer tolerate the bloodlust of the gods around him.

By the time of Moses/Mosheh, YHWH, like so many of the other baals/ thva’aliym, had been fused to ‘ELOHIM as if one and the same, though by no means were any of these the same or equivalent as the MOST HIGH, no matter how much a stretch or stretches of the human imagination might try to or lead one to believe to the contrary, or by dogma, make them one, as if this were true, as is the trend today with deadly consequences. It simply is not so. If we were to fuse you in an account to your mother or your father, that fusion would not and would never constitute or mean in truth that you are your father or your mother. It simply would not be so. It would be a lie. You simply are not one and the same. And so, YHWH, even in fusion to ‘ELOHIM, is not ‘ELOHIM, but YHWH, the southern Kenite (Cainite) ba’al fused by oral tradition and redaction into the tragic melding that has brought so much cruelty, brutality, and suffering with its horrifying consequences, both for Canaan and Yis_ra’EL, and later, for Judah, the Y_hwuthiym.

This was a tragic mistake, the end-result of which the entire world now suffers from in all of its dualistic lords and masters of all the traditional religions dominant in the world today.

The permeation of this terror must end. It must end immediately. It will end now!

The false god, YHWH , the ba’al of many masks, the serpent-demon of the desert, the Angel of Death, Murder, and Destruction, YHWH_SATAN , haunts all of humankind with his avarice, as an ever-present danger lurking at the shadows of one’s consciousness in each and every day, with his never-ending bloodlust, contempt, and accusatory desire for human flesh and blood to sustain and perpetuate his own power and life. Look at the crucifixion, the perversion of those who lust after it, look at the perversion that is war, The Holocaust, all the death and suffering. Look at the perversity and perversion that rides the standard-bearer that is YHWH .

The Lord is not GOD.

YHWH is not ‘ELOHIM.

All the wars, persecutions, inquisitions, jihads, holy wars, political subterfuges, genocides, and pogroms are His. He has laid claim to them repeatedly. He has stolen the life and souls of many. His terror must end. His role as the standard-bearer of terror and destruction, of lies and accusatory insanity, of the mind set against itself and set against the world, must end.

The Holocaust was only the beginning of His final degradation, terror, and judgment against humankind. This frightening energy, this YHWH , amplified in the human mind by belief, is nothing more than Satan , the Destroying Angel of the Passover, the Accuser and Adversary against all living, .

It is a very real and present danger, one we must not ignore, a misthought in our evolution, an intellectual fall, and it may well destroy us if we are not very careful. We must be expedient in concern and thoughtfulness toward resolution of this crisis.

There is not much time.

These so-called lords or thva’aliym of the past are nothing more than the severe reflections of human ignorance and violence, and the loss of presence before the ONE.

The Lord is not GOD.

The Lord, YHWH , is not ‘ELOHIM , but Satan , The Accuser and Destroyer of worlds , the actual destruction of worlds aside from your own. He is the slayer of generations, killer of souls, devourer of the dead, and the murderer of Earth’s children.

This heinous “Lord” of the Kenite-Shahssu-YHWH bedhouins of the ‘Ariv / Arabia of the ancient Near East, of the Levant and the Arabian desert, is not ‘ELOHIM, but Ba’al, thva’al, the fallen one, the fallen “son” of the MOST HIGH, hidden in His many masks, the Morning Star, the howl in the morning, the terror that comes by night, the Angel of Death.

YHWH is the Lord of Death. YHWH is Satan.

His record speaks for him, even in the murder of His “son”, His sin and slaughter offering to the world, this lunatic son, Jesus / Yaishwu’a, who claims YHWH solely as his Father. Let there be no mistake as to His true identity. There are over thirty thousand counts of threatened life, terrorization, and outright destruction that YHWH claims for Himself in Hebrew Scripture alone. The record accrued and counted thereafter is even greater and more horrifying. He deceives. He confuses. He pits one person or one nation against another for His caprice and lust for power and recognition. He wants and demands worship because He is not ‘ELOHIM. He wants kingship and enthronement because He is not ‘ELOHIM. He accuses of sin, the sins he invented. He lies. He deceives. He betrays. He kills.

You shall not go without hearing this. You will open your eyes. You will use the mind given to you by the TRUE CREATOR, ‘ELOHIM.

Nothing, no argument, no fabrication, no lies or deceptions can save YHWH from His fate, not changes in His name or pronunciations or whatever. YHWH is His designator, and His record speaks clearly against Him. He has judged Himself by His own record, by His own writings, by His own history against His people.

Hear, O Yis_ra’EL and those of the Y_hwuthiym with functional mind, cast off this false god and its terrors, break the chains of His tyranny, and embrace forever the LOVE of ‘ELOHIM, the TRUE GOD of Yis_ra’EL and Y_hwuthah.

YHWH is not the TRUE GOD of Yis_ra’EL. This is a fact of history, of archaeology, and Scripture, fully proven by the data, and of all time. Read the record. Open your mind. The truth is there for all to see. The account speaks for itself.

Look upon the TRUTH, and know that LOVE, ‘AH_VAH , is LIFE .

‘ELOHIM is the Tree of LIFE, the SOURCE and FOUNDATION of all.


‘ELOHIM is PURE, UNDEFINED ENERGY, from WHOM all energies flow, and take form and manifestation.

‘ELOHIM is not a name. The attributive noun or word, ‘ELOHIM , is a plural unity in Hebrew / ‘Ivriy, the language of Canaan / Kh_na’an, and nothing more. ‘ELOHIM has no name, and needs none. Perhaps the only signifier that truly points to ‘ELOHIM is ‘AH_VAH , PURE SPIRITUAL LOVE OF THE HIGHEST ORDER.

‘ELOHIM is to be loved and respected, not worshipped, but appreciated.

Therefore, all love and respect for ‘ELOHIM is to be given in quiet reflection of the inner and outer universes. ‘Amen.

ARTICLE 4: Goals

All life is sacred. Therefore, the perpetuitive goals of Messiah / H’al_mahshiyach and its members are for love, respect, and higher awareness, to seek the greatest good in everything, to seek the highest love for all things, to seek the greatest compassion for all things, to seek the highest understanding of all things, to rediscover a harmony and marital relationship with the earth’s natural global systems: ecological, resource (human or otherwise), biological and/or physical, never with the object or intent to ruin or upset the ability of the planet or its regions to recover from human abuse and, to never do anything toward any living or “non-living” object or thing with deliberate malicious purpose or intent.

ARTICLE 5: Global Conduct

All members of the earth will be treated with and are to treat others with the proper dignity, respect, and consideration to which all are entitled. We choose Love.

We are all equally members of the global family. Therefore, no member or group of members shall be idolized, deified, glorified, worshipped, adulated, or exalted. The emphasis in Messiah is its common global bond and relationship with the global family, the earth, its resources, and symbiotic ecological systems.

All members should constantly search within themselves for peace, completion, and harmony, should examine their beliefs, conduct, and behavior, their relationship with others, and other things, face their weaknesses, correct them, and thereby attain the dignity and respect that marks the common human goal.

All members are encouraged to develop to the fullest extent of their individual potentials, interests, talents, and abilities.

All members are asked to question any and all ideas brought forth as truth. The inquisitive pursuit of knowledge is precisely that, pursuit.

ARTICLE 6: Primary Beliefs and Teachings


PRIMARY TEACHING: LOVE is the highest standard by which everything is to be measured, determined, built, and understood.

ARTICLE 7: Intentions and Aims of Messiah / H’al_mahshiyach

We are living in a time of increasing suffering and pressure as our economies collapse, our resources diminish, the human population overburdens the earth, this while Denial, and the manifest glories She extols, is courted and well fed. Her fall must come first. Without acknowledgement of the serious problems that face us like jackals unseen in the night of our ignorance, without the immediate discourse coupling discipline with reponsibility to meet the challenge with the effective and resolute instrument of sharp mind, our species is threatened. Human life may well end.

When the spiritual leadership of the earth and the world becomes so bankrupt that life on earth is threatened, where resignation and/ortalk of the end is all too common, but to satisfy the wrong reasons, the wrong hopes and conclusions, it is then necessary that the fulfillment of the dreams of children be initiated: Peace on Earth, shahlwom h’al_’ehrehtz ‘ahthahmah.

When governments of the world no longer live in the best interests of the earth, when human life, and all other forms of life-existence are violated and compromised beyond reasonable hope and retrieval, it is the right of the world’s people to unanimously challenge and thereby transform, by whatever means necessary, these destructive systems and ideologies, to bring them to, and to carry them to higher states of consciousness, awareness, responsibility, erudition, wisdom, comprehension, knowledge, and higher understanding, or replace them altogether should their resistence impede and deny.

If it becomes necessary to overthrow these destructive systems and ideologies, then it must be done. This is a human decision.

At no time will Messiah take up or endorse violent means to accomplish its ends. We will honor the electoral process on and by the majority vote in attempt to establish the aims and intentions of Organization Messiah, ‘Assuppiymwoth H’al_mahshiyach.

Human, yet planetary and other viable living rights must be acknowledged and upheld by high spirituality, and which reflect the care, respect, and/or preservation and conservation of the earth’s resources, human or otherwise.

Exploitive action at the expense of life and sanity, of health and hope, thereafter, in consequence, will be condemned for all time in the severest terms.

Those individuals, or individual bodies, or groups, responsible for deliberate or wanton destructive and cruel acts against life and humanity for personal profit and gain will be cast out of human society, marked, and condemned to total and irrevocable isolation by societal rejection, ostracism, and exclusion.

Just as revolutions in and of society due to inequities and injustices left unchecked have often improved the human condition, so a unified revolution of spirit and spirituality would and will open the way for an erudite global health where (through great effort and dedication, by the standard of LOVE, by the mandates of the spiritual guidance of the Torah of Heaven, yet unwritten, yet present, that which is to be written upon the hearts and minds of those who seek it, and because of Messiah and of ‘ELOHIM), future generations of the earth, and the future of the earth itself, will never again be threatened by the pervasive and dominant multinational militaristic priesthood of death and destruction, or by the military-industrial complex who with its great wealth, worldwide, maintain the failed economic war machine positioned against the earth.

Advocates of war and strife, terrorism and suffering, advocates of nationalism at the expense of the earth, and of heresies deliberately exploiting pertuitive adversarial posturings seemingly requisite of endless focus and spending on defense, this against and contrary to global cooperation and intercultural responsibility, will be treated as psychopaths and murderers of the human spirit and the earth, and dealt with swiftly without compromise, immediately, with no recourse to address or escape.

The past is dead. The old way of doing things is over.

We must be responsible to the earth, the greatest gift of GOD, ‘ELOHIM, that we have. There are no compromises.

If not here, then where?

We must love this gift of ‘ELOHIM, or die. It is that simple, and that profound. Wake up!

Any government that advocates, and/or participates in deliberated, planned, or reactionary conflict for the sake of private or individual gain, at the expense of the earth, its resources, and natural systems, by conventional war, or nuclear or other forms of atrocities, or the threat or implementation thereof–any government that contributes to, initiates, advocates, promotes nuclear or conventional warfare, by destructive psychological trauma, warfare, or coercion, or brings about or causes the destruction and decimation of the earth, usurps its right to exist.

It is the right and responsibility, the birthright and the heritage of the living, of all life on earth, of the world’s people, and children of the earth, in all of their forms, to be free of tyranny, no matter what its form, to be free, to have a chance at life and to live, to have existence as a viable heritage and blessing, to be free of the destruction of hope, free of an economics of impedance and the shattering of dreams.

It is the right of the afflicted, the disenobled, the disenfranchised, the disinherited and neglected, the harmed and the wounded, to reject outright, and thereby replace, by whatever means necessary, any and all, each and every, destructive mode or system, or any government or individual body or group, ideational system or ideology, religious corpus, political institution, societal emplacement, or otherwise, whatever impedes human development and unfoldment, whatever withholds or denies life and its preservation, or the natural progression of the environment to maintain itself and to heal, in all of its interconnected interrelationships and dynamics, or hinders the preservation and improvement that is possible when human interference is held at bay and prevented.

All that threatens, or comes to threaten, the survival and continuation of life on earth, of earth as a living system, any destructive entity that promotes counter-civilization, antihumanity, anti-responsibility, and unwarranted destruction by any means–all methodologies that come to dominate and overrule sanity, it will be removed.

Those individuals or groups who invoke destruction, who bring upon or forth injury of the people and the global environment, and its constituents, through the tyranny of fear, self-destruction, and denigration, coercion, and the annihilation of the human spirit, who have wrought, or brought on, by ideological means, and religious indoctrination and lies, whether through veiled threats or ideational seduction, or reductive counter-effective and counter-productive ideological strategies and ideologues, through negative conditioning, or negative and negational philosophies, strategies, dicta, and mandates, often beneath, under the direction, or directives, under the ever-presence of the modern obsessive war-defense mechanisms that forge conflicts in the world in the guise of peace, peace-keeping, and “security”, to serve the aims of the arms productionists, who in their silent terrorism seed the future destruction of cities and nations, the shattering of ecosystems and the ruination of people and environments, whose current economic sociologies serve to demean the individual, and promote the counter-incentive collective teamism that is slowly impoverishing and destroying this and other economies worldwide, by careful premeditated and intentional destabilization, toward the aim and objective of greater and greater societal control through hidden, often veiled or cloaked coercions of various kind and form, or method, the generation of chaos and confusion, through mechanisms of frustration, desperation, and a mounting sense of futility and hopelessness in day-to-day affairs and living, generated through increasing stress and uncertainty, that undermines health and resistance, as the economy contracts and collapses in on itself, this very often, more times than not, generated artificially to increase profits and profit margins for the benefit of the few, to create the illusion that economies are actually growing when they are not, while in fact the majority of the populace is progressively and increasingly impoverished to advance the intentions of the wealthy and few, by highly volatile cultural impositions and societal pressures of continuing and manifold form, subtle or overt, by traditional or invented form, or by the psychological re-conditioning and patterning consistently and comprehensively pandered by an ever-growing, often poorly regulated, ineffectively monitored and controlled “economic psychiatry”, a priesthood unto itself, through an ever-changing system of constant brainwashing, control, and mind-reconstruction to flatten resistance and thereby reduce individuals who might challenge the status quo to further obeisance and docility, by drug dealings, systems, cartels, and therapies, in a myriad of forms and directives, or through excessive peer pressure and mind control to force conformity, to force acceptance and unquestion, to force tolerance and endurance to not grieve, but to use restraint, self-control, and not react or express grievances as they might occur, but to withhold, and hold in, often at the expense of one’s health and sanity, driven and amplified through psychological programming via the media and other cultural means, or by threats to life, life-sustenance, and the fulfillment of needs, threats to livelihood and jobs, to one’s work, career, and so on–those individuals or groups who advocate such violence against humanity, the global environment, and the human spirit, and the dignity of the human individual, who threaten other forms of living systems and life as well through the advocacy of anti-love and its so-called justice, will be dealt with swiftly, effectively, and on the basis of LOVE in the strictest terms. There will be little flexibility. The price paid will be severe.

The pain and suffering that has been caused by these individuals, and is continuing because of them, for whatever reasons they give, and they are often unjustified, is intolerable, unforgivable, and must be remedied, immediately, now. The suffering, destruction, and injustice must end now!

LOVE is the highest standard by which everything is to be measured, determined, built and understood. LOVE does not destroy, but LOVE will remove destruction.

When the social structures of the world become detrimental to the survival of the entire planet, it is the responsibility and right of the living to preserve life in its exquisite and specialized manifestations and forms.

Guardianship of the earth…This is the advent, or the fall of humanity. This is the turning point. The beginning of the Millennia, or its end.

Since the beginning of human civilization, no spiritual teaching before that of Messiah has truly contributed to world peace:

Each has taught a divisive philosophy of life, condemning the sacred while pretending not to.

Messiah believes in the goodness of GOD’s, ‘ELOHIM’s Creation–teaches its members to respect and love one another as well as the global family of living things, and the resources that are to be responsibly approached, carefully used, never with the intent or willful attempt to abuse them or destroy them. Messiah will, in the course of its work, refine the human destiny.

No doctrine of good and evil or any dualism prompting immature generalizations shall ever be permitted to enter its teaching.

No condemnation of life or of the world or of one’s individual selfhood will be permitted to arise in Messiah.

Messiah will work to put an end to, to put to rest, human selfishness, developing in the human family and community a sense of self-fullness, a sense of personal worth and dignity, a sense of purpose, and the necessary responsibilities to lead and share and love.

We feel the human and global family is vital to the nurturing growth and development of the individual, that individuals are the foundation on which the quality of life is determined. If an individual is not permitted to develop his or her potential to the fullest, then the entire global network and ecosystem will in time be threatened, possibly to the extent of the extinction of the human species and all life on earth.

In view of this and the abovementioned, the following constitute the responsible intentions and aims of Messiah. They help explain where contributions, grants, and donations will be applied for the furtherance of this organization and its purposes.

Educational and Instructional Guidelines. It is the intention of Messiah to provide its members with the necessary tools for responsible and effective leadership in an ever-developing, ever-evolving social universe. These tools should consist of new developments in information, knowledge, scientific technique, and instrumentation. Access to or knowledge of these tools should be provided with constant emphasis on responsibility and never-ending awareness of symbiotic, ecological, and global relationships between all things. It is also the responsibility of effective leadership to encourage the maintenance, sustenance, and development of the human family, whether nuclear, extended, or otherwise, and to provide the necessary guidance, support, skills, and understanding for responsible interaction with the world and its environment.

Global Resource Distribution Network / GRDN. It is the intention of Messiah to create a global system that ensures the future. The following must be considered: There must be a change in attitude, a definitive rethinking of our priorities, by means of massive reeducation, increased awareness, and a redefining of human social structure (how we relate to one another and other things, including our relationship with the global family, the earth, its resources, and symbiotic ecological systems), by a comprehensive reevaluation and redefining of our beliefs and symbols, and by learning to cherish and respect what we have been given. The future must not be a repetition of a destructive and counter-productive past, but an introduction of something new, vital, and contributive to the protection of our global environment, and the survival, preservation, and continuation not only of our species, but also of all life on earth, even the planet itself.

To accomplish this, new concepts of life and interrelationships, and of city and environment, must be developed.

The only feasible option is for the development and construction of MicroCities, self-contained human habitats of limited size and population, that take into consideration virtually every human need, and responds by providing the necessary tools and avenues for expression, growth, and development of the individual while at the same time allowing the earth to recover from those abuses we have inflicted, and which now demand our immediate attention if we are to survive.

The MicroCity will have within its borders internal parks, gardens, recreational facilities, living quarters, libraries, theaters, stores, shops, conservatories, and more, each designed, built, and maintained in superlative fashion.

Surrounded by parks, gardens, forests, lakes, and farms, children and adults would mature and flower within the context and close influence of nature. This would heal many of the injustices our cities now suffer from.

For the most part, the MicroCity would not stand alone, but coexist as part of a cluster. Groupings of these would give rise to regional, provincial, continental, and transcontinental clusters, based upon cultural, topographical, resource, resource distribution, climatological, and regional meteorological factors, linked by modern technologies in distribution, transportation, transport, movement of materiel, and logistics, and various methods of information transmission, dissemination, and storage.

Gradually, the world would be unified by a common purpose, the joining of and cohesive bond of shared destinies.

The GRDN system is not a move toward global government, but a move toward global maintenance, social harmony and cohesiveness–a stepping stone toward true mutual sharing of resources and careful utilization of human creativity in relationship to global responsibility and preservation–the proper care and maintenance of our world.

The purpose of the GRDN system is to develop a global construct of such unique dynamics that it takes on the characteristics of a living mind in which every human individual contributes a vital portion of his or her intelligence to the entire neural center of the earth.

Earth then passes from primitive unity into living intelligence.

In this manner, that once non-living conglomerate verges on birth, a prototype organism forged in the womb of planetary history. Intelligence drifts across its vast expanse waiting for that spark of synthesis that joins mind to mind, gradually nurturing the human species into that long-awaited journey to spirit, not as GOD, but essentially as a child of the ETERNAL.

The earth must survive if we are to reach our destiny. We have a task before us. It was given to us at birth. We were born to be more than we were before, more than we were a minute ago, more than we are now. We were not placed here in this time and circumstance to sit idle collecting or creating dust.

Our purpose is to evolve, to be and become, to be filled with life and all the universe offers.

We are here to care for the earth, to give in return for what we have been given and received. We are here for a reason, and it is not for the destruction of the earth. The hells we struggle through are a product of our ignorance, and the arrogance that often accompanies and/or perpetuates it. Ignorance is not bliss. Close-mindedness is nothing to be proud of. Both go against evolution. Both violate nature.

If we choose, we can create and form a world in which humankind can evolve mentally and spiritually as well as rediscover the infinite beauty underlying everything, a common destiny and purpose we share with everything, and the life we have inherited from the ETERNAL.

We are here to be and become, to be all we can, and to seek with all our strength and passion, life.

ARTICLE 8: Ruminations.

(Some additional reflections and considerations, topics to think about and discuss. You may add to this list. Present your topic.)

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