1. We are the Messiah.

2. In our work, we have already fulfilled the most important aspects of the messianic expectation. Through ’ELOHIM’s love and guidance, we have been given the keys to open the infinite nature of the Torah of Heaven that transcends and replaces the earthly Torah in import and directive in every sense of the expectation, the unfoldment of which is the revelation of the expectation of the SOURCE.

3. Traditional rabbinical authority is superceded, and called now to a proper evaluation and elevation of responsibilities.
4. It is within our calling to begin the transformation of Judaism to the highest spiritual level.

5. As the Messiah, we mandate spiritual, political, and social directives to the world on the basis of the guidelines unfolding in the Torah of Heaven given through ’ELOHIM*’AH_VAH.

6. We renounce religious pluralism and all forms of the subtle outreach of ecumenism. However, under ’ELOHIM*’AH_VAH, under LOVE, the importance of the oneness of the human family is critical for the completion of the messianic era.

7. We renounce all religions and religious teachings, including traditional Judaism, or any ideology that is not capable of ascending to the heights of spiritual Yis_ra’EL. Spiritual Yis_ra’EL is a way of LIFE, a devotion to ’ELOHIM. It is not a religion. Spiritual Yis_ra’EL is the embrace of ’ELOHIM*’AH_VAH under the law of LIFE, the law of LOVE.

8. We advocate Hebrew (in its most ancient usage) as the universal language of the earth, and that of the heavens, the comprehensive lingua franca of the human spirit and beyond. This advocacy is based on the sanctity of the Hebrew alphabet as a sacred and universal teaching source from the SOURCE.

9. We advocate the movement of this new advanced Judaism to the highest levels of social, community, political, and societal leadership, to go forth into the world to bring all of humanity into the full responsibilities and calling of the Messiahship.

10. Messiah is not necessarily focused on leaders, objects, or individuals, but more so on viable global concepts that develop the human mind. This is the calling of ’ELOHIM, the TRUE GOD of Yis_ra’EL, the origin-al GOD. It is the Messiah’s responsibility under ’ELOHIM*’AH_VAH to refocus the human mind on the fruits and blessings of Creation, and to introduce a set of values, building codes, and requisites that discourage human tampering and injury. Under ’ELOHIM’s guidance, we learn that each day is a holy day, that each day brings to us the riches of heaven in its sustenance and teaching.
11. We are the Messiah. This is the time. We must be ambassadors of spirituality, harbingers of family unity, and the continuity among all people as one human family. All are invited. All are expected.

Let us bring clarity and precision to the preceding statements.

The Torah of Heaven opens. Like LIFE ITSELF, it is very real. Every letter of Hebrew is a key. Each letter opens in specific ways, according to self-defined criteria and value. This is not the recent Discovery Method (or the resultant work, “The Bible Codes”, as it is called) nor is it Qavalah, Gematria, or Numerology. However, each of these systems in its own way does play or gravitate in some way toward the maintenance of this expectation. Each letter in Hebrew has a specific value and meaning. Each letter and consonant opens into sub-layers, rotations, and extensions that enjoin and connect with other letter-consonants and values to create root assemblages of meaning and context to form a teaching, depending on the skill, learning, and erudition of the participant. The teaching is infinite, and can, or will in time, occupy the human species for the remainder of its existence. Every letter, every word, every paragraph and statement of Hebrew can be opened by this wonderful system, forward or backward, right-to-left, left-to-right, to reveal the high teaching that rises from the SOURCE, ’ELOHIM*’AH_VAH.

The Hebrew alphabet teaches. The teaching is infinite. This METHOD, THWORAH ’ELOHIM, also correctly referred to as ’AHLEHP_PEHLEH’, can also be applied from Hebrew as the foundation into every language on earth that uses the Greco-Roman alphabet derived from the ancient Hebrew script. Each letter is an infinite teaching within itself. There is nothing mystical about this. The experience of this recently restored system is verifiable, provable, and profound in its self-contained wisdom. The Hebrew consonants rise from the CREATOR, ’ELOHIM*’AH_VAH, and reveal to each individual a unique and special teaching.

This is the Torah of Heaven, the true Oral Torah, and try as they might, there is not one rabbinical authority or stubborn mind in Judaism that can refute the reality, veracity, and strength of this new revelation to the world.

Traditional authority is superceded, raised to higher levels of responsibility and/or original meaning.

This is not the time for procrastination, but definitive action. Each man, woman, and child is being called to lead, to teach, to show the way. The Torah of Heaven provides to each and every individual the necessary mandates and guidelines of spirituality and discipline.

This radical reform, restoration, and revision of Judaism, to a much higher level, must be undertaken immediately. In this wake, all traditional world religions are now invalidated, therefore superceded. Many were never foundations to begin with.

Jews will not assimilate out of Yis_ra’EL.

However, Jews will now begin to win the world to ’ELOHIM*’AH_VAH, the ONE TRUE GOD of Yis_ra’EL, the HIGHEST SPIRITUAL CALLING.

Spiritual Yisra’EL is as much a calling as it is a responsibility. It is a deep spiritual state of reality far beyond the reality of the physical State of Yis_ra’EL. It is more than a country. It is a specific consecration, a mandated Calling upon each individual to achieve spiritual discipline, conduct, and the leading of our species into the future as caretakers and care-keepers of the earth—earth the single most precious resource we have been given by the CREATOR.

It is not for us as a species to desecrate the earth, or to cleverly and justifiably skirt around the ensuing problem of the current desecration, but to realize that the earth is our primary womb, mother, and source of all life upon and within it. This is not deification of the earth, but full recognition of its worth and the full reality of all things on earth as they exist.

We shall not destroy this womb. We shall not shatter this earth with heresies of carelessness and acts of lovelessness, each of which is built and maintained on circular arguments with no reasonable foundation or basis whatsoever, which are contentious and factious in their “spiritual” interpretations and diagnoses of “reality” born out of ignorance, and therefore, severed from and unaffiliated with the earth as she truly exists, a vast living system.

With the previous considerations in mind, we must redefine Economics. Economy involves the meeting of human needs, and the fulfilling of the needs of other living beings, provided, though, that these needs also correspond to the needs of the planet. This does not involve the typical use of contrasts and polarities—as if the serving and fulfilling of the needs of the earth results in a limited human existence, in other words, a disservice to human growth.

The achievable objective is an understanding one, one of deep spiritual respect, uncompromising and erudite in its wisdom and the use of resources, hence, and despite a tremendous amount of initial work, the best of both worlds become one..

We have an agenda. We expect it to be kept.

We must never forget that as a living species we are the earth. Without the earth, without our selves, we are dead.

Under Messiah, priorities are redefined. The first priority is spirituality. True spirituality is LOVE. Ensuing responsibilities are desired responsibility, focus, discipline, plan, action.

Indeed, we are mortal. And so, we must work together toward the common goal of spirituality, the responsibility that is given to each of us in witness before the TRUE GOD of Yis_ra’EL, ’ELOHIM*’AH_VAH. We stand before the world and declare: This is how it shall be. This is how it will be done.

There will be no more blood sacrifices or longings to reassert oneself to even justify the memory of their occurrence. There will be no more shedding of blood, or the allowance of gods that call or have called for such.

The Temple will be the earth, and with it the universe that embraces, surrounds, and encompasses. The true Temple is not a single physical location or structure. It is the earth and the LOVE that dwells within that gives and gave it life. We shall treat this Temple accordingly, with the deepest sanctity, devotion, and respect, this as we should.

Truly, we shall love as the way of LIFE.

Devotion to LIFE. Devotion to TRUTH. Devotion to LOVE.

’ELOHIM*’AH_VAH is the ONE TRUE GOD of Yis_ra’EL.


There is no other GOD than ’ELOHIM. ’ELOHIM*’AH_VAH is the ONE TRUE ORIGIN-AL GOD of Yis_ra’EL.

All gods of the earth of this time are to be rejected, even Yahweh.

We intend to rebuild our cities as hearths of spiritual, definitional, and living havens of life and spirit. There is no other way to survival, here or beyond.

We will teach what must be done. We will teach how and where we must begin. We will teach you how we must conduct ourselves in life.

The focus is on LOVE.

’ELOHIM*’AH_VAH is LOVE, and LOVE is WISDOM, the HEARTH of our beginnings. With/In this understanding, we must, and we will rebuild ourselves to become instruments of LOVE and WISDOM, emanations of the SOURCE on earth.