About Messiah

The problems that face us today are immense, complex, nevertheless approachable.

Resolution of these problems, the achievement of a precise and exact objective, goal or aim, will require the best minds (technical and specialized genius, along with the genius exuding from a supportive population), guided through a spiritual leadership that this organization, Organization Messiah, will provide and mandate by implementation of a comprehensive global system and plan assuring full planetary restoration.

This mandate must and will include the necessary closure on prior and problematic religious understandings and their practices, unfortunate misadventures conclusively replaced by a consistent and constant standard of spirituality, LOVE.

The Messianic Standard is this:

“LOVE is the highest standard by which everything is to be measured, determined, built, and understood.” Anything less is inexcusable and frustrates human potentiality and definition, threatens the verity of planetary worth and stability.

Most of the failings in the human world are a result of lovelessness and the failed need-distributional systems that generate and perpetuate this attitudinal tragedy bringing rise to judicial networks and policies (stemming primarily from failed religious systems) that must traffic it in an attempt to make sense of it all and to justify its own existence.

LOVE is higher than justice, transcends it. Without LOVE, or in the absence of it, a result of belief system substitution and subversion, justice becomes necessary, stationary, often, when in the wrong hands, with periods of known tragic consequences. What, then, is the lesson?

As the highest standard and teaching, LOVE can eventually emanate from our entire being, especially from within that of our children who are raised to know no other. But an environment of nurturing economics and habitat must also exist for this to continue in perpetuity. The salvation of this planet is completely architectural.

For LOVE to survive in the human mind, the structural nature of human domain must reflect the expectations of planetary stewardship while accomplishing the heights of superlative beauty and amazing functionality.

The human mind must be allowed to thrive in an environment combining stability with stimulation, a foundation of certainty with the means and incentives to flourish unabated from the failure of the preferential economics of budgetary monetarism, and the impasse of affordability that places limits and toll booths on full potentiality.

Once unabated by the failed economics of the past, of which Capitalism is one, Communism another, the precious resource of humanity, its love and creative potential, will then be sought after, cultivated, nurtured, utilized, harnessed, and harvested for the benefit, maintenance, improvement, as well as the advance of the total living system that we call Earth — a system so complex and wonderful in its marvelous intracacies that, as its truth unfolds before us, we are now beginning to see — eyes becoming open — minds becoming fertile wombs of advanced generation.

Heaven on earth, the requisite form beyond symbolism of aspirational definition and goal of human completion, begins in the mind, resides in the human spirit. It begins with the dream of fulfillment, of enrichment, and release from the inherited poverty of systemic unreachability and impossibility in the attainment of goals.

A new architectonics, attitudinal, spiritual, encapsulated in a redefinement of human economics, is needed now. Messiah can and will provide, direct, and mandate this new architecture and methodology.

Erudition is of the first priority, established in LOVE, resulting in LOVE, always nurtured, created, sheltered, and protected in and for LOVE.

Reflect on LOVE. Though appearing and resulting in simplicity, the initial responsibilities are immediate and enormous.

This earth is our mother, the womb of human existence and thought. We must understand this clearly, the importance of it. This is no mere metaphor. We must never take for granted or desecrate this source of our life.

Again, the earth is our mother, the womb of all human being and life as we know it, that which is important, that which is Real. We are dead without her, as we are dead without LOVE.

‘ELOHIM*’AH_VAH, the true GOD of Yis_ra’EL, GOD of Abraham and Canaan before the fall, brought to denigration by YHWH_SATAN through Moses and his redactors in the fallen Torah, now returns to the human mind through the call of the Messiah, the Messiah of ‘ELOHIM. This call goes forth expecting your immediate participation, that you, with us, engage expediently in saving the heavens of the earth of which you are an important part.

What is Heaven, beloved, but the fire of spirit, the waters that course the mind, and the creative process building itself–LOVE on earth? And earth, the teacher of mind, the test of spirit, and the substantive process of mental and spiritual progression within each body of inquiry and generative evaluation establishing the goals requisite for defining and marrying true Heaven with Earth.

What is the goal of human mind, their true aspiration, the symbol of their completion and realization? Heaven on Earth! When it is available, when it can be attained, why wait for it any longer?

This is the time of the Messiah. You know that. Realize that true LOVE is the Source and inspiration within and of all life, sustenance, evolution, involution, and being. But realize this, also, that this, and all that comes forth from it, is threatened by misinterpretation and misrepresentation of the human mind unrealized of its Source. Messiah brings realization, unlocks the Source from the prison of the past, releases LOVE into the world.

We must begin, Now! Restore the earth and build into completion the ultimate dream and vision of humankind.

Follow the path of Shalom. The root of Shalom is completion. Peace is not peace unless it is complete, and completion is not complete unless it is LOVE.