The Sacred Feminine

The recent worldwide protests for women’s rights indicates a deeper, spiritual phenomenon at work.

The Tides are Turning

As we proceed into the beginning stages of the “Age of Aquarius”, the feminine aspect of humankind will grow more powerful, and the male-dominated power structure which has controlled society for the last 4000 years will begin to recede. It already has.

This is a natural back-and-forth between masculine and feminine energies within humankind and should not be a cause for alarm. True, from a male perspective, it can be daunting. But this is all part of the spiritual evolution of our species through time and history.

Actually, its absolutely necessary for humankind to reconnect with the sacred feminine energy that has been suppressed for thousands of years by the combined powers of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

All these religions, in their own ways and to different degrees depending on sect, are patriarchal dictatorships that have kept women down, robbing them of equal rights, thus contributing to female subservience in society at large.

Freeing the Feminine from Spiritual Battery

Tragically, a significant number of women justify these very religious traditions that abuse them — defending the forced veiling of female skin or whitewashing the sexist portions of their scriptures. This just goes to show how deep religious programming on the human mind is – regardless if you’re male or female.

Women fighting to become priests, rabbis, or monks might represent a legitimate cause, but ultimately its still conformity to the morally bankrupt, male-dominated religious regime whose scriptures are written around the worship of a purely masculine, often violent deity who reflects the most base and immature aspect of male nature.

This deity, whether in the form of Yahweh, Allah or Buddha, rejects female sexuality as unclean. So merely allowing female priests and rabbis to lead services will not bring about radical change, instead it only lends undue credence to the Lie that these religions have espoused for thousands of years.

If women want to take up the traditionally-male role as spiritual leaders (and they should) – then better to start fresh than to compromise by joining a pre-existing church (whose corruption cannot be changed without challenging the deity at the center of the scriptures.) Better to pave a fresh path and create a new culture that respects both masculine and feminine energies equally.

GOD is Both Masculine and Feminine

We, the Messiah, propose such a path. We call it ‘Elohism, or Spiritual Israel. ‘ELOHIM in our understanding, is both FATHER and MOTHER in ONE. The concept is rooted in the ancient soil of Canaan. The Canaanites had a name for the sacred feminine, the maternal aspect of the creator: ‘ASHERAH  (אשרה) | ersa

By inspecting the linguistic nature of this word, we can better understand the essence of the sacred feminine energy that is embodied by all women (and to some extent, men as well.)

Unlocking Asherah

We begin with ‘ashar (אשר), which means “to walk straight.” In the intensive form, it means “to go, to lead, direct the right way.”

We realize that the feminine energy embodies the essence of uprightness, righteousness, and spiritual direction. Whereas men have traditionally been seen as “the leader”, herein is confirmation that women are natural-born leaders as well. We all lead, and follow each other, in an eternal dance of companionship. Like a good mother, ‘ASHERAH shows us the way to go.

The intensive ‘iyshar (אשר) means “to lead” but carries a secondary meaning: “to make happy, to pronounce happy.” In its receptive form, it means “to be made happy.” ‘Osher (אשר) is “happiness” itself.

The feminine energy generates happiness. We all know this instinctively from the womb. And when we journey through the birth canal, crying and bloodied, we seek the breast of our mother for sustenance and contentment. The world, without the grace and caring touch of a woman, is a sad place.

‘Asher (אשר) is also a Hebraic grammatical particle denoting relation, “who, which, that.” Most famously seen in the Bible’s “I am THAT (‘asher) I am”.

We all exist in relationship with everything else. Feminine energy however seems to have a natural instinct for maintaining and enhancing relationships. The masculine energy is often solitary and individualistic. Female energy, on the other hand, seems more adept at forming group-social behavior.

‘Ashash (אשש) means “to show oneself strong, firm“. ‘Iyssheh (אשה) means “a burning, burn-offering, sacrifice.” ‘Iysha (אשה) is the word for “woman.”

Despite the false stereotype that women are the “weaker sex” due to certain physical differences — anyone who has seen a single mother sacrifice for her children, or a young girl fight against the odds to become a success in a male-dominated environment – knows the strength of women.

‘Ahshiysh (אשיש) means “foundations”.

The Sacred Feminine, whether in heaven or on earth in the form of mothers, is the foundation and root of our existence and life. Indeed Mother Earth herself is the origin of our species.

Sarah (שרה) means “to strive, to contend.” It forms the root of the word “Yisra’EL”, which means, “to strive, to contend, to struggle for ‘ELOHIM.” This is why Israel is poetically likened to a noble lady, for sarah (שרה) also means “princess, lady.” Sharash (שרש) means “to strike root, to thrive.”

The Sacred Feminine, ‘ASHERAH, contains the energy of striving, thriving, contending, wrestling to maintain an upright relationship between child and mother, creation and Creator. She gives all, sacrifices everything, in order to ensure the survival of her children.


Women have endured much suffering over the last 4000 years, where male-dominated religious tradition has held power over the masses. Now the times are changing, and women are being re-called to become leaders of the species. All humankind will increasingly look to women for guidance and direction as we enter the new age.

But female power is susceptible to the same pitfalls that faces male power – the temptations that corrupt and twist. As women gain more prominence, they would do our species well to challenge the outdated religious ideas of the past. Instead of trying to forgive the unforgivable, put forward something new.

‘ASHERAH was the historic goddess of the Canaanite people, the wife and co-equal to the male ‘EL.  She was honored with the sacred grove, the trees, and fruit baskets of thanks-giving. She is, in essence, one half of the ONE GOD, and must be liberated from millennia of neglect if we are to survive the challenges that face us.

Member of Messiah since 1995, Rav Miller was the “First Student” of the organization under the tutelage of Rabbis Ulen Khora and Jeffrey Parker, who taught him the secrets of the Shalomite Keys. He’s currently building a Dictionary to supplement the New Torah.

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