Return of the ‘Elohists

Before Judaism, Christianity, or Islam, we existed.

We were the first monotheists in the holy land. We stewarded the land called Canaan, Khana`an | nonk | and were the first to treat it as sacred, like all the earth is sacred.

We were the first to invent and write with an alphabet, what you call Hebrew, but which for us was our holy mother-tongue. Our language, the tongue of Canaan, was and is the Mother of Hebrew, Arabic, and Aramaic. Those three child-languages and the religions attached to them owe everything to Canaan.

Canaan gave to the world the alphabet and agriculture, and mankind used these gifts to weave religious scriptures, tethering themselves to a “Lord” who is knot. Every verse in your bibles and qurans that justify violence against fellow life-forms violates OUR code.

We watch our children killing each other over cities built on the ruins of our legacy. ‘ELOHIM weeps as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam perpetuate a war sparked by a “god” made in their own images.

We are the Children of Yis_ra’EL, those who struggle with ‘ELOHIM, the Original God of Canaan. ‘ELOHIM is not the “Lord”, but something far more ancient and loving than you realize. ‘ELOHIM is LOVE. ‘Amen.

We are the ‘Elohists, the remnant of those who survived millennia of holy war. And we are here to reclaim the throne for the ONE TRUE ONE who has been lost to religious-historical revisionism.

We are the Children of ‘EL, and we exist in every nation and religion on earth. We move silently, working behind the scenes, to nurture love and compassion within our own circles, to challenge injustice wherever we find it, especially that which infects our own tribes.

We recognize that humankind is one family, one component of a larger organism called Earth. There are no races, only branches in a giant tree called humanity. We come from the same source. We are one.

We were among the first agriculturalists, and gave birth to civilization in the Middle East, and from there to the world.

Our descendants were the first to establish an empire based on mercantile trade rather than bloodshed. Yet our memory is often rubbed out by the ignorant who consider us savages because that’s how their religious books justify the genocide of our culture.

Yet we have survived and are rebuilding Spiritual Yisra’EL. In time, we will translate our vision to the material world, in establishing heaven on earth. But only if you help us. We need you.

We are the ‘Elohists, we have returned, and this is the time for ‘ELOHIM. This is the time for spiritual LOVE. ‘Amen.

Member of Messiah since 1995, Rav Miller was the “First Student” of the organization under the tutelage of Rabbis Ulen Khora and Jeffrey Parker, who taught him the secrets of the Shalomite Keys. He’s currently building a Dictionary to supplement the New Torah.

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