Warning to Organized Religion

Established religion has done more to harm humankind than to help.

There comes a time and place in human history when the old thought must yield to the new.

Prior patterns end, replaced with those that are broader and more inclusive of deeper learning and understanding, when old prejudices fall, old superstitions die, and the patterns of new visions unfold.

Societies cling to the garments of yesterday, not realizing that those have become thread-worn with the advances of time as well as changes in human perception and perspective. The world-view changes, and with it the approach to realities as they exist, not as they are imagined.

The desert view passes, and today we watch three major religions built on that perspective begin to falter and crumble, but human beings labor to close the seams and crevices feeding the decline. The heart throbs for the new vision, but the human spirit clings to prior tapestries, hoping the familiar and traditional will carry the day.

The world is changing. The old religions do not belong in the world of tomorrow. As much as they might try to adapt and transform, the likelihood of successful relinquishing of the past is impossible for them.

The dark grim specter of the terrors that drove them, haunt. They are vestiges of perception now gone from the ages. The world has changed. The world religions are wrong. The old gods of persecution and blood salvation are dead. New threads weave into themes that now bear promising fruit. The harvest beckons.

The old ways are dead. The new is born. Familiar patterns carry on, but the labels and threads reveal new substances in the patterning of the mind and its perception.

Unless we falter, recede ever further into the darkness of what we once were, or thought we were, there is only one direction for us, toward the warm receptive light and the uplifting of the human spirit and the entirety our species to higher ground.

The truth is in new heartbeats, in the ever-increasing insight into how the world must ascend. If we succeed, the future holds for all promise and light, transformation and the ascendancy of the heart and mind to higher levels.

It is time. The old religions are lost. They cannot carry us upward, and too much destructive philosophy rests in them.

This is not a hateful statement, but one of painful fact and alertness. The very teachings of those we challenge create the grief so many suffer from. Their works speak. Their actions settle the matter quickly. The works that they do, the actions that they take, the decisions that they make, mark them in what they teach. You cannot hide from what you advocate. You cannot hide from the truth of your past or the doctrines you hold, or the consequences of them.

This abuse upon the human world by false religion and teaching must stop.

Yet many cling to the old religions only because of the belief that each is infallible and of perfect truth, that each is beyond question. Nothing in life is beyond question, not even our own work, and that is why the religions of the past are dying. They will not question. They will not risk the truth. Nothing is beyond question.

Life is a learning journey, forever before us as a promise planted in the ground of beginnings and hope.

This is a new age, a new renaissance of ideation. Five thousand years ago there were different gods, different priests and different nations. They killed and died for their passions then just as powerfully as we do now in this time, and the same may hold for generations to come in the next five thousand years if the human species survives this pattern.

The gods fervently fought for will be gone. If humans do not learn from past mistakes, there may no longer be room to repeat them. As the time that is draws to a close, the future beckons.

Will we take the necessary steps to go forward and survive?

That is the question, and the answer.

As the Messiah, we may not be popular initially in our view, but our perception is relevant and clear in all of this. As a species, we must and will change or perish.

The naïve view criticizes us, calls us irrational illogical, but where is the reason in tyranny, in gods who tyrannize, then ask for worship of human sacrifice and self-condemnation? Where is the truth of any of this?

There is no justification. There is no valid point. There is no logic or justification behind the continuation of falsehoods. These rob generations of hope and peace.

The TRUE GOD is not a bloodthirsty monster. That is the first awakening. The TRUE GOD learns. That is the second. If GOD is learning, what is your excuse?

When you lie to the world and proclaim it God’s truth, that is theft of the highest order. No matter how you bend the doctrinal argument and wind the truth into a knot, spiritual and physical theft remain regardless of the petty arguments to justify unjust tyranny by any name.

Some on the Internet have accused us of pretzel logic while dispensing their own. There is little reason in religion, only faith and emotions arguing from one sanctified error piled on another.

The priests of the status quo often hide behind their egos and their pomp, their self-imposed, media-supported authority and grandeur.

When truth arises, truth often disappears beneath the soil of the media as if it never existed. Feigned truths and manufactured aphorisms abound. The platitude lauds the precept, then pretends a higher wisdom that is false, and the parable of twisted reason reigns.

Thus, human society staggers and reels from one contradiction to another, and the fabric of the government unravels, and with it community and family, the very it claims to support and unite.

Should we say that the media is grossly irresponsible? Yes, because it is. It lives in the opportunistic afterglow of the fanciful and the false, especially when it sells copy and stands as much-needed entertainment, whether true or not, a sweetmeat thrown to the desires of the majority, even if wrong. To the media, it does not matter.

Reality is existential, the logic broader than the logic of formality. There is a richer tapestry out there and the monks and nuns of worldwide monasteries cannot see it. Dogmas chain them, blind them, and lead them away from the dawn of new reflections.

Where is GOD? In places you never imagined, and far more wonderful and worth loving than any religion can teach you. Where is truth? In the flowers and trees, in living beings just beyond you? Where is the miracle? In every breath you take, and in every day that you open yourself to in waking.

Where is the secret of life? Open yours eyes, your ears, your voice, and your soul to the reality. The miracle is all around you, and in you, and it has nothing to do with organized religion.

The truth is in the universe of universes, within you and at your fingertips, and at the thresholds of your mind.

We have broken with the past. We alone embrace the TRUE GOD of the universes. We are the Messiah, the only one, the chosen Messiah that transcends all religions, and is aligned with the GOD of LOVE, ‘ELOHIM*’AH_VAH. Join us.

Our work in its singularity supersedes all religions. Its truth stands. It is simple. It is real. The revelation that we hold in our hands, the Torah of Heaven, is infinite beyond disproof.

Very simply, the world religions are wrong, deathly so.

Human beliefs are fictions of the human mind. They are nothing more and nothing less than the contrivances of men. And when they take away peace from the world, then they prove themselves and their foundations to be other than what they claim.

They prove themselves “satanic” and destructive beyond any doubt. No reasonable argument can defend them.

As human primates, we are the conceptual apes that went mad several million years ago. As a species, we have done more to wreck this planet than any other living entity or cataclysm or destructive event in earth’s long history.

Organized religion and traditional belief systems are destroying the earth. With a seething undercurrent of hatred and callous disregard for life and truth, their denigration of the fruits and blessings of living being stands as the ultimate blasphemy against GOD. Repeatedly, in their doctrines, they condemn the world, they condemn reality, and take for granted the life they have received in birth, and curse the same in the same breath.

Shall we respect them? Shall we respect the guilt and afflictions that they have inflicted upon human minds and conscience? Is it not time for them to answer to their rape of the human spirit?

The religions of the world are satanic, destructive. Factions fight one another across the face of the earth. That is fact. Their doctrines mark them. Their falsehood reveals them as children of the Destroyer.

This cannot continue…



No man, woman, child, object or thing is, was, or ever will be GOD.



Shalom. ‘Amen.

–Messiah / H’al_mahshiyach

The primary role and purpose of the Messiah is to challenge all existing belief systems. If these are wrong, declare them so, on the basis of the authority, guidance and eternal sovereignty of the ONE TRUE GOD of Yis_ra’EL, ‘ELOHIM*’AH_VAH, the original GOD of Yis_ra’EL.

We do not have to and we will not debate the issues at hand any further with anyone.

The truth is in millions of references across the face of the earth. The truth cries from the earth for justice, for the blood and lives of countless billions were slain in the name of falsehood as if it were truth. That blasphemy will end.

Prepare for the unbridled truth.

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