LOVE Will Lead the World

We continue to work on editing, publishing, and teaching the Torah ‘ELOHIM, the Method given of ‘ELOHIM, the letters of which were inherited by the Jews who are the first to admit that something sacred emanates from within them, but have yet to unlock them correctly of their values, combinations, and SOURCE.

The Method is genuine, real, the verification of expectation that proves our Messiahship. It fulfills the expectation of a people, the Jews, but shatters the fallen aspects of their belief and halts the inertia of blind tradition, redefining them (and all of humankind) in the process.

We strongly encourage those using the term “Messiah”, and/or ‘ELOHIM, to either use these terms correctly, or discontinue the usage including removing oneself from the Internet, and other forms of media, with the misleading and potentially destructive misinformation. This especially includes the discontinuation of the term for personal or organizational usage.

We challenge anyone to refute our claim of Messiahship. Not just to criticize and run as if that were an avenue of respectability, one hand clapping. If need be, we are prepared to settle the issue alone on the basis of the Method of Torah ‘ELOHIM, the communication with the ETERNAL that continues even as you read.

The TRUE GOD is ‘ELOHIM*’AH_VAH , ‘ELOHIM*LOVE | ebeamyela |The full range of research, (historical and archaeological evidence) supports the origin and originality of ‘ELOHIM, serves to distinguish IT from other, popular and/or traditional, claimants and representations.

The Method, THWORAH ‘ELOHIM will prove beyond any question the verity of our claim without the need for personal recognition and accolade. We do not parade images of our members throughout this site. We are secure in who we are and what we must do, chosen to do. All credit, ultimately, is given to the ONE TRUE CREATOR, ‘ELOHIM, for the blessings of this life, and the riches available to all if only we can learn to live together, to learn and love as a human family.

This world we live in does not belong to our species. It came to us only in that we came to it, through it, as a gift in birth to cherish and take care of, not to obliterate and destroy indiscriminately and unthinkingly, in a sad state of lovelessness and care-lessness. When a standard of value is upheld, given overwhelming and unyielding religious impetus, resulting in this tragedy, it is time to change the standard before it changes us to the extent where we can no longer change.

We are tired of the sorrows and the bloodshed, the human cruelties that afflict and injure all of us. It is time to stop the killing. It is time to end the hatred and that which makes us hate. It is time to reinvent our method of existing with each other and all living things.

As ‘ELOHIM has indicated to us time and again, “Peace will come on earth with or without humankind. It is not a pre-requisite that human beings exist for there to be peace on earth. If human beings refuse to fit into the natural scheme of things, then the natural scheme of things will settle the issue once and for all time.”

This earth belongs solely to LOVE, the ONE WHO gave us LIFE and breath, WHO sustains us in each day.

It is time for humankind to return to ‘ELOHIM, the ONE TRUE ‘ELOHIM of PURE LOVE and CREATIVE POWER, the learning and creative GOD of all existences created and yet to be created, the ONE TRUE ‘ELOHIM*’AH_VAH, ‘ELOHIM*LOVE, the TRUE ONE, the TRUE GOD of Yis_ra’EL, and all living | ebeamyela |.

Return to LIFE. Come to LOVE. This is the only way HOME.

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