LOVE is Imperative

What is Love?

The Canaanite-Hebrew language reveals the inner code of reality. As the Language of Creation, it holds the secrets to life within its grammar, syntax, and intricate root-system of meaning.

The central concept within Messiah is LOVE – in Hebrew, ‘AH_VAH. We teach that LOVE is GOD, and that GOD is LOVE. Pure creative, non-destructive, non-accusatory, non-judgmental ENERGY.

Thus its not only about what Love is, but also who Love is. And LOVE is ‘ELOHIM, the ONE TRUE GOD of Yisra’EL, Canaan, and the world.

We will help you reconnect with this ancient INTELLIGENCE by teaching you how to communicate with/in THEIR language.

The linguistics of love

Google defines Love as “an intense feeling of affection.” Related terms include: fondness, tenderness, warmth, intimacy, attachment, endearment, devotion.”

A good start, but getting to the spiritual core of any given concept necessitates going beyond the English (or whatever language we happen to be working with, even Modern Hebrew) and transforming it into its Shalomite or Canaanite equivalent.

We note the Modern Hebrew word for love, ‘ahavah, consists of the following four letters:

aleph-hehbethheh: אהבה

But in our transliteration process, which better captures the original Canaanite pronunciation, and which re-presents the original Canaanite-Hebrew script:

ahlephhai’/h’alvaiyth/vayithhai’/h’al : ebea

While inspecting the linguistic structure of this word, spiritual love, AH_VAH, one might ask, what is love rooted in?

loving is giving

The root of ‘AH_VAH (אהבה) is “hav” (הב), the imperative form of the verb, “yahav” (יהב) meaning “give! come on, give!”

Langenscheidt’s Pocket Hebrew-English dictionary is one of Messiah’s most cherished tools

According to Dictionary.Com, the verb “give” means “to present voluntarily and without expecting compensation; bestow.” 

Related terms include “to contribute to, to offer, to donate to, to award, to grant.”

Giving is about being generous and sharing – usually without expectation of getting something back in return.

Love means sharing the waters of life with one another, not hording it for oneself. Practice love by contributing to the world around you. This is what the Language of ‘ELOHIM confirms and teaches.

Love is an imperative

As demonstrated above, Love is rooted in an imperative, i.e. an authoritative command of vital importance: Give! 

World Religions have hoodwinked humankind with sadistic scriptures and unfair rule-sets designed to control every aspect of the individual’s life. Non-obedience to the false gods’ laws is often met with punishment and cruelty — shame, social isolation, violence and death.

The False Religions are dead and devoid of TRUTH.

THE TRUE GOD asks nothing from us – other than this one thing: LOVE. ‘ELOHIM imposes no laws on us — other than this one commandment: LOVE. The rest is commentary. Now go and study, and give back to the LIFE that gives you life. ‘Amen.


Member of Messiah since 1995, Rav Miller was the “First Student” of the organization under the tutelage of Rabbis Ulen Khora and Jeffrey Parker, who taught him the secrets of the Shalomite Keys. He’s currently building a Dictionary to supplement the New Torah.

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